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What We Do

Life Science Contracting support for Medical Device and Life Science clients around the globe.

Our specialist contractors and consultants provide support and services in Quality, Testing, Development, and Training. 

Our Technology

A high-level overview of our technology which is available for commercial licence.

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Our Story

Based in the Highlands of Scotland iDE8 was founded in 2015 with the vision of helping medical device companies across the world develop and sustain products in the marketplace. 
With a foundation of 20 years in the medical device industry.  We are focused on providing Development & Quality systems support for our clients. 

Currently, With over 150  years of collective experience in the medical device industry, iDE8 was founded in 2015 with a single goal- to make sure that healthcare companies prosper and grow.

Our wide range of knowledge covers design, Development validation activities, Quality Assurance, regulatory affairs management, and process excellence expertise. Our multifaceted approach ensures clients can realize their potential at every stage of their lifecycle.
Working closely with people from many different backgrounds is our strong suit - but it's never just about one person or department working hard to fix things for other people.
It's about listening and understanding different perspectives so that we can find solutions together - this way everyone wins from new product introductions to strong customer satisfaction scores.

Our Goals

Our services have been designed to give you the full functional capability and capacity to develop and sustain medical devices across the world.

Our mission is simple, provide a highly-skilled resource team in ideation, development, and quality assurance support services within a flexible and meaningful service model to all sizes of medical device businesses.

Our values are based on who we are as individuals and what we believe is important to meet our mission; we strive to deliver the highest quality output possible by listening to you, ourselves, product, and process data. 

Our goals are also simple: We want to provide a highly-skilled resource team that will ideate your project as well as research and develops it so that you can sustain an effective product portfolio for your company no matter where it is based.