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The Top 5 Benefits of an Electronic Quality Management System

Document Control Medical Device

The medical device industry has specific guidelines that must be followed to ensure the safety of patients and healthcare professionals who use the devices on an everyday basis. ISO13485, Medical Devices - Quality Management Systems, helps medical device manufacturers ensure their products are safe and effective.

By creating an electronic quality management system that meets the needs of regulatory bodies worldwide. Manufacturers and businesses can address common failures and improve communication with other company departments. Here are the top five benefits of implementing an electronic quality management system within the medical device industry.

Truly, the benefits of an electronic quality management system (EQMS) within the medical device industry are innumerable, but below are some of the biggest advantages you’ll have with an EQMS in place.

Benefit #1 - An eQMS will save you time

An electronic quality management system eliminates the need for paper, no more printing scanning and walking documents around for people to sign. No more searching your desk and then the office for those critical documents that's suddenly vanished.

Everything becomes only a couple of clicks away and you can focus your time on moving you company forwards.

Benefit #2 - An eQMS will save you money

Have you ever looked at how much you are spending on printer ink and A4 paper? How much of your valuable floor space is taken up with filing cabinets, how much do you pay to store boxes of records off site?

A EQMS often seems like a costly investment but sit down and do the maths and you will normally find implementing an eQMS provides a significant cost saving.

Benefit #3 - An eQMS will reduce errors

Document errors are easy to make and painful to correct.

Simple errors like incorrect references are one of the most common audit observations for paper-based systems.

An EQM’s is designed to prevent these types of error so you can concentrate on the value-added content and not the formatting.

Benefit #4 - An eQMS makes being audited simple

The world has moved on.

The days of handing auditor long lists of records and printed procedures are fading into the past.

Display your EQMS onto a screen and away you go – need a list of all record in the last 12 months just run a quick search.The auditor can see the list see how you generated it, Instantly eliminating any questions about the validity of the data.

The auditor wants to see one of the records just click the link, who was trained open the training tab. Audit become simple and what's more if you set up a screen share the auditor may not even need to travel to your site.

Benefit #5 - A cloud-based service is designed for modern remote working.

30 years ago one of the most important things when looking for a job was the fact that it was close to where I lived. Everyone I worked with all lived a short walk away and we would catch up in the pub every Friday night. Ah The good old days!

These days the office is where ever I want it to be. My colleagues live on different continents and Friday night is now Zoom quiz night.

With a cloud-based system, you can recruit the best people for your company and you never have to worry about where they live or how you will get their signature on something.

Via la Future!

Top Tip!

These are just some of the benefits of a modern day electronic quality management system, but remember, before you use one! Make sure you validate it for use!


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