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Product Accelerator

Advancing your medical device development 

Supporting start-ups and SME's to advance technology through the medical device development process.

Presented by David, Founder at iDE8.

" It is critical for medical device start-ups and SME's to prioritize building the right operational infrastructure and systems from the start of the medical device development process. 

Not only will this save time and money, but it will also ensure patient safety is at the heart of your business capabilities.


Stat-ups & SME's sometimes struggle to understand what they need or whom they need it from when they're facing development and new technology challenges. 


We believe in simplifying these complex tasks and are here to help.


Our product accelerator is made up of experts who work closely with executives and technologists on your team to design achievable and realistic plans that are customized for your company and product.


From designing the new development or quality processes to crafting a roadmap for achieving regulatory approval.

Whatever challenge you face, whatever decision you need to make, know that you’re not alone."


Save Time to market

Utilize 150+ years of Expertise 

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Ideate & Pivot Faster

Eligibility Criteria

Market / patient need Validated

Core team created

Product or technical  Feasibility proven

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