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External Development | Blood Glucose System

Technical Feasibility | Design for a blood glucose measurement system

The Brief:

Creation of a high accuracy handheld meter for a legacy test strip system.

Project Development:

Working with the client to develop input specifications and design requirements, we provided all engineering outputs for new product development within feasibility.

From developing a Laboratory bench system to a non-form factor proof of concept board, we surpassed all input specifications with a successful demonstration of lab accuracy in a low-power domestic setting.

From electronic design to firmware implementation. We created an accurate multi-phase sensing approach which helped us create value from the electrochemical sensor and enabled us to demonstrate the feasibility of low cost, low power, high accuracy systems with complex processing algorithms.


Technical reports were developed against all input specifications which showed the viability of our electronics designs deployed. The analogical design was integrated into an idea that fit inside our idea for meters where we demonstrated how increased features would be available for certain patient types and scalable for future needs/business growth.

Service Provided

Concept Generation, Ideation, Project Management


Digital Health, Diabetes management, Diabetes, Point-of-Care


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