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Internal Development | Disease Prevention System

Technical Feasibility | Disease Prevention System

The Brief:

In 2017 we undertook the creation of a new disease prevention system.

Project Development:

Using internal electronic, mechanical and firmware resource, the aim of the project was to create a new approach to disease management with the development of a hand-held multi analyte point of care device.

Working to an internal specification and using our knowledge in biosensor development and instrumentation, we were focused on the creation of a lab-bench device for future scientific development of test strips which would have multi sensing capability.


The lab based design was successfully tested using a primary analyte of glucose. In parallel the handheld non-form factor design was proven to be equivalent to the lab instrumentation. Demonstrating feasibility of the analogue front ends capacity and accuracy in a low power setting.

The technical designs and system embodiment are now under commercial licence to our spin-out company DRUID Ltd.

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