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Lee Cox

Principle Quality Contractor

Lee joined our company's quality department in 2019 as a principle quality contractor. Lee is mainly responsible for providing senior level management support, and developing quality consulting solutions for our clients. As well as making sure that all of IDE8's internal systems meet the highest standards possible and are compliant with international standard ISO 13485:2016.

Over the course of his 20+ year career, Lee has worked in many different roles relating to quality such as supplier quality, process engineering, development quality control, and implementing electronic versions of quality systems; he sees himself more like an F1 pit crew - fixing any potential problem before it becomes too costly or even crippling to the company in question.

“At IDE8 the quality team and I want to find the best quality solution for you. I like nothing better than using good risk management to identify and resolve realistic issues before they have a chance to become real life problems."


Lee Cox




Quality Management, Quality Systems, Document Control

Software Validation

Audit Support

Providing you with an independent view of how you are performing as a business.

Colorful Notebooks

Document Control Services

Whether you need a few updates or an entire overhaul of your Quality systems, we can do it all - from managing change requests to reference checking and everything in between.

Our document control team is a natural extension of your Quality department - after all, you know we care about every little detail just as much as you do.

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