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Trish Mackay

Senior Development Technician

With a career spanning over twenty years in the medical industry, Trish has extensive experience of working in laboratories –specializing in design verification testing of medical devices; quality engineering; product reliability testing; and test method validation. To working within NHS Scotland Pharmacy, Orthotics—including supporting Cancer or Covid-19 clinical trials.

"Having worked with global cross-functional medical device teams and collaborated on complex system projects for many different business partners, I've been able to build up close relationships. Contributing a strong sense of my own personal values—enabling me to give and receive trust both individually and at a group level."
Trish Mackay




Design Validation, Product Reliability, Test Method Validation

Software Validation

Audit Support

Providing you with an independent view of how you are performing as a business.

Colorful Notebooks

Document Control Services

Whether you need a few updates or an entire overhaul of your Quality systems, we can do it all - from managing change requests to reference checking and everything in between.

Our document control team is a natural extension of your Quality department - after all, you know we care about every little detail just as much as you do.

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