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  • Can you work on-site at our facility?
    The short answer is Yes, we can. However our staff are all based in the Highlands of Scotland. We are setup to work remotely and have done so for micro, small and large corporations since 2015. Please note: Working Remote enables for a more competitive quotation. Travel and expenditure costs will be added to our fees and quotation of service.
  • Why can i not see who you have worked with before?
    Primary reason ==> CONFIDENTIALITY. We do not discuss our legacy or current work for clients externally. THIS IS THE WAY!
  • How much do your services cost?
    Benchmarked Internationally - We operate a dynamic pricing model, each quotation of service and scope of work is based on YOUR needs and the skills that you require in the business.
  • Your team seems very experienced, does this mean you are expensive?
    Yes we are experienced in a range of services and specialities, this does not mean that we are expensive. Our services are based on value for money, as our pricing model is dynamic, you only pay for the role that you require, meaning that you may have a senior technical lead carrying out a junior position. This approach and model adds additional benefit to you and your team, with insights and experience into world leading best practice across the medical device industry.
  • What do you not do?
    We operate across most of the key functional elements required to create, develop and sustain a medical device in the market. We currently DO NOT offer some clinical functions support. BUT WAIT!! - GET in touch. We have a LARGE network and can point you in the direction of a business who may be right to support you.
  • We are a start-up and have very little in terms of finance, can you still help?
    Of Course, Our Subscription service model has been designed specifically for this reason. Have a look, see if this approach would work for you and the business and get in touch. 🙂
  • Do you develop your own medical device technology?
    Our business values are , we are here to Help, and this includes developing new and novel technology across MedTech. We are in the process of working on new technology blocks in 2024-2025, Our aim to start offering this to industry in Q3-2024 to advance healthcare and improve patient outcomes.
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