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A bad name for a business if we didn’t innovate.



About 30% to 40% of healthcare startups, including those in MedTech, fail before making it to Series A funding.


Technical Feasibility: About 15-20% of medical device startups fail due to technical issues that cannot be overcome.


Regulatory Hurdles: Around 25% of medical device startups face challenges with regulatory approval, leading to delays or failure.

The development of new Technology was at the heart of the business at its inception in 2015. It is in our Name.

Our strategy involves partnering with established healthcare and medical device companies, offering them a cutting-edge, licensable and verified technology that addresses critical issues while accelerating time to market by using our development services.


We are leveraging 80+ years of collective expertise in instrumentation,  biosensor and point-of-care medical device design and development. To bring emerging technology to market under development partnerships.



in development time.

30-40% Reduction

Accelerate Product Development Cycle

Objective: To reduce the time from concept to commercialization for medical device projects

100% success rate

in passing regulatory audits.

Enhance Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance

Objective: Ensure all development activities meet or exceed industry standards, specifically ISO 13485 and QMSR for medical devices.

15% MORE Patents

showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Foster Innovation through Collaboration

Objective: Utilize a collaborative approach to inspire innovation, facilitating the exchange of ideas and expertise between partners.

15-20% Cost Reduction

Efficient project management and optimization of development processes.

Optimize Resource Allocation and Cost Efficiency

Objective: Improve efficiency in the use of resources, including time, budget, and human capital, throughout the development process.

90% Customer Satisfaction

Incorporating user feedback into continuous product development cycles.

Strengthen Post-Market Support and Continuous Improvement

Objective: Provide ongoing support after market launch, focusing on post-market surveillance, feedback incorporation, and continuous product improvement.



Our Technology Block approach not only accelerates market penetration but also mitigates the risks and costs associated with direct market entry.


With strategic alignment and co-development with iDE8 you will be at the forefront of diagnostic technology innovation. 


We offer significant value to our partners and stakeholders in a highly competitive market.



Fast-track new product development with iDE8 for an unmatched edge in clinical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and drug discovery and development.

Leverage our innovative solutions for enhanced accuracy and a competitive edge in a crowded patent landscape.


Our technology overcomes technical challenges related to sample volume, and measurement accuracy, which is crucial for devices like blood glucose meters and immunoassay systems.


Join us in setting new standards for precision and reliability, distinguishing your product line in the market.

6 months

Technology Feasibility

1-2 Years

Product Development

10 Years

Iterative Innovation and Sustaining




Enhanced Sensor stability and Volumetric control for biosensors for improved bio-sensor accuracy and precision.

Core Features

  • Enhanced DFM - Reduction in manufacturing process control.

  • Increased sensor accuracy.

  • Superior sensor stability 


  • Medical Device 

  • Agriculture 

  • Food and Drink 

  • Life Sciences


1 Granted

3 Pending


  • Biosensors

Development Level

TRL 5-6



Interested in learning more about our technology and how we can Fast-Track your Product Development?


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